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digital footprint 6x4Digital Footprint

If a simple google search provides enough information for a stranger to order copies of your credit cards, what else do you think it says about you? Employers, admissions boards, and potential clients now use the internet to determine if a candidate is a good fit. What kind of first impression does your digital footprint create and how can you make sure it is what you want?

woman working small 6x4Microsoft Office

The worlds most popular business tools. Out of the box or customized training is available for Versions 2007 – 2016 ranging from a detailed look at individual programs to a broad overview of updates between versions.

photo-1472235008642-bb3ce23994acProprietary Technical Training and Training Development

Not everything comes with a good set of instructions, I can help.

cliff confidence 6x4Confidence Training

Designed with the individual returning to work after an extended absence in mind. Think of it as socialization for humans. This will make those water cooler conversations less awkward.

person in subway stn with pillars 6x4Cyber Bullying

Technology has opened our worlds to many wondrous things, however, it has also opened our worlds to the predatory and abusive acts of others. As users of the internet, we need to be aware of what constitutes cyber bullying and how to stop it.


FEET OVER CLIFF EDIT2 6x4Public Speaking

Would you rather spend a day in dental surgery than give a 15 minute presentation? This is a skill that can be developed with confidence building techniques you can use in other areas of your life.

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