Cyber Bullying and Public Shaming

This excerpt from the Monica Lewinsky Ted Talk on the Price of shame provides one of the most poignant descriptions of the devastating effects that social media can have on the lives of those who fall into the spotlight. It is important to realize in a world where the sharing of thoughts and opinions can happen in an instant that not every individual in the spotlight of social media chose to be there.
“Cruelty to others is nothing new, but online, technologically enhanced shaming is amplified, uncontained, and permanently accessible. The echo of embarrassment used to extend only as far as your family, village, school or community, but now it’s the online community too. Millions of people, often anonymously, can stab you with their words, and that’s a lot of pain, and there are no perimeters around how many people can publicly observe you and put you in a public stockade. There is a very personal price to public humiliation, and the growth of the Internet has jacked up that price.”
May 28, 2015

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